Without innovation success will always be stagnant. An innovative team that is encouraged to share their ideas will keep your products and services fresh and exciting. Your teams innovation will allow for product diversification, securing a strategic market position and help to satisfy customer needs.  After all, entrepreneur is just another word for dreamer! 


A feeling of trust within an organisation helps to develop an autonomous and effective team. You can help to improve your teams morale, reduce anxiety and overall improve the output of your team, with just a bit of trust and respect! 


One of the most valuable factors in an organisation is the ability to perform together as a team. Collaboration promotes healthy staff relationships which cultivates a more pleasant working environment.  When your staff are collaborating, they are teaching and learning from each other. They are enhancing their ability to go beyond their individual standard to produce an improved quality of work collaboratively.  Never fear a team that get along, fear the team that doesn’t.


Identify each of your employees individual skills and align these with their role. This will this motivate them, breed individual confidence and encourage your staff members to work more effectively and efficiently. Ensure your staff know that they are appreciated by listening to their ideas, concerns and needs, but don’t forget to help them achieve or overcome what they have voiced! Always remember to give words of praise. 

🌸 Happy International Woman's Day! 🌸

The companies I have grown and built, wouldn’t possibly stand where they do today if it weren’t for the powerful women in our employ!

On International Woman’s day our amazing Managers headed out on a Mirimar Cruise to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to celebrate the incredible work they have achieved throughout the year.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the Women in my organisation for all of their Dedication, Innovation, Passion and Strength!

So here’s to Strong Women; May we support them, Be them, Raise them and Encourage them!

Check out this video made by our team Videographer  – 


Riverlife is thrilled to announce the promotion of Ashleigh Mollard from Event Assistant to Event Coordinator at Riverlife and Northshore Harbour!!

Ashleigh started at Riverlife in August 2017 as an F&B attendant and quickly moved up the ranks to Supervisor. Since the age of seven, Ashleigh had a keen interest in events and after 9 months with the company it developed into a real love and passion for creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

When the opportunity for an Events Internship became available in May 2018, Ashleigh jumped at the chance. Ashleigh already had a strong understanding of the operational delivery of events from her experience working as a supervisor and quickly began mastering the art of the behind the scenes side of Event Management.

 As the company grew and Ashleigh proved her invaluable worth, Ashleigh was promoted from Events Intern and Supervisor to Events Assistant and Duty Manager in September 2018.

Ashleigh is a true example for those who dream to become an event manager. If you work hard, stay positive and show initiative you can carve your own career path.

We are so proud of how Ashleigh has climbed the ranks so quickly and look forward to continuing to kick goals and nurture her growth within our organisation.

Tahlia Maloney
General Manager
Riverlife & Northshore Harbour


Lady Elliot Island

team building trip 2018

I believe Riverlife is an energetic, fun and challenging company to work for you! With a diverse and positive team, I am challenged to work hard and do my best every single day

Sarah - Riverlife Events

As a new team member to Riverlife, there has been an overwhelming sense of belonging, encouraged by the team’s support and guidance

Aimee - Adventure Centre Manager

Riverlife is all about a collaborative team environment. It is a place of love, support and growth. As a team we push boundaries together, fail together and learn together. 

Holly - Brand Manager

At Riverlife, young people are given such a great sense of autonomy and leadership. I’m very grateful to be in the position I am, with the flexibility to execute ideas that will truly impact the business. Its not often that managers, regardless of age, are given so much creative licence.

Mark - Riverlife Adventure Centre Manager

At Riverlife, all of the staff are encouraged to express their feelings. This makes me feel valued as an employee and helps attribute to our awesome, positive, working environment.

Bells - Creative P.A to John Sharpe

Working at Riverlife over the past year has showed me the value of hard work, team work but most of all friendship. We have a great team here who strive to fulfil peoples every need, and do it with a smile because we love what we do and we love where we work.

Isabelle - Riverlife Functions

I love how everyone in the workplace is always looking out for each other and willing to support one another

Ellie - Northshore Harbour Functions

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